Introducing... WORLDCOB


The WORLDCOB-CSR: 2011.3, Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate, is an international standard developed by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) and establishes the requirements to be met by an organization in order to be recognized for implementing a CSR policy, by which it adheres to a culture of ethical values, maintains a corporate responsibility-based management system, and implements a process of continuous improvement in the areas related to the standard.

This standard certifies CSR, and may be issued in recognition of any of the following aspects of the company:

– Chapter A: Labor Relations (training and workplace health and safety).
– Chapter B: Social Relations (clients, suppliers, family, and community).
– Chapter C: Relationship with the Environment.

The certification granted specifies the chapters in which the applicant has met the standards.

Receiving WORLDCOB-CSR: 2011.3 certification means having taken on a public commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. WORLDCOB will audit and permanently guide the company so that it complies with this commitment, to its own benefit and that of the community. Thanks to this certification, society will learn of the organization’s ethical behavior, undoubtedly fostering empathy and loyalty among consumers, as well as an increase in its prestige and the public’s trust in the company and its products.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Meetings

Each year, WORLDCOB organizes a series of CSR Meetings in order to promote corporate social responsibility worldwide, as part of its belief that businesspeople are natural leaders with the ability to exert a notable influence on society and their surroundings. It is important for businesses to take on a social role and design strategies aimed at changing the world for the better.

As an international business organization, WORLDCOB is committed to businesses and their development within a framework of sustainability and social awareness. WORLDCOB believes that a company’s annual report should include not only economic results but also environmental and sociocultural results based on corporate social responsibility.

These CSR Meetings have been organized since 2012 in over 10 countries. Ever since, annual meetings have been held with the most outstanding speakers from each country, who discuss important CSR issues with those in attendance.

Official Reception of CSR Certifications

As part of these meetings in each country, WORLDCOB hands out the official CSR certificates to those companies who have satisfactorily completed the WORLDCOB-CSR: 2011.3 certification process.